Some things happening on planet earth today just don’t make sense if you’re looking at them from the perspective of an ordinary human being. WHAT REASONS DO OUR SPACE VISITORS BRING TO EARTH? Scientific interest, tourism, curiosity? This question is one of the most important and most implausible questions in… Continue Reading IS PLANET EARTH BEING TERRAFORMED BY NON-HUMANS?

A whistleblower has claimed that the United States has been capable of creating technology using anti-gravity techniques for many years but that the information is being suppressed from the general public. Does anti-gravity technology already exist? The whistleblower, who prefers to remain anonymous has spoken out about his work with… Continue Reading Antigravity: They’ve Hidden It For Decades

Scroll down to watch the full video. The word “Agartha” is of Buddhist origin. True Buddhists fervently believe in this subterranean empire, which they say has millions of inhabitants and many cities, including the capital Shamballah, where a Supreme Ruler dwells. They believe the Dalai Lama is his terrestrial representative,… Continue Reading Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It: Agartha & Hollow Earth

The lost city of Antarctica, massive ancient civilization lies frozen under ice. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH FULL VIDEO! Antarctica is hiding a huge city underneath more than a mile of ice according to incredible claims. They talk about the Piri Reis map and they say “look, it’s got the subglacial… Continue Reading Turns Out Antarctica Holds More Secrets Than We Were Told

Scroll down to watch the full video. Something unusual happened near Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. Vehicle strange shape UFO with light shining ones, forcing Airport to close its doors and delay 18 flights. The thing that struck me about that incident was that it was a mass sighting with… Continue Reading Chinese Airports Shut Down After Mass UFO Sighting

Scroll down to watch the full video. There is a very peculiar supernatural activity that one suspects may involve alien creatures, responsible for mysterious events related to Russian submarines of the times of the Soviet Union. However, it seems that the Russian authorities want to keep what is going on… Continue Reading Russia hides the presence of an Advanced Underwater Extraterrestrial Civilization

Scroll down for full video. While some people believe the story of American inventor Thomas Ogle is a myth or urban legend, the reality is that Ogle designed and implemented a “vapor carburetor” that allowed a vehicle to achieve over 100 miles per gallon of gasoline in 1977—with no carbon… Continue Reading Inventor Mysteriously Dies After Creating Device That Lets Any Car Get 100 Miles Per Gallon

Scroll down to watch the full video. At 10 months of age, Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. He endured chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and surgery for two years—and survived. Then he was diagnosed with something permanent: severe autism that disabled him… Continue Reading Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment